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     Provides online prequalification for medical marijuana recommendation in the privacy of your home. Doctor approved authorization process insures completely confidential medical marijuana recommendation and pre-screening services.

The people of California passed proposition 215 (Compassionate Use Act of 1996). This establishes that California physicians and patients who follow certain guidelines in recommending or approving the medical use of marijuana are immune from sanction or criminal prosecution. This website will act as a guide to determine if you qualify to get a recommendation for medical marijuana in the privacy of your own home.




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Bruce Margolin Shares The Best Medical Marijuana Reference Guide in California

I am offering my guide in hope that the information I provide will help good people stay out of trouble because no one belongs in jail for marijuana. Knowledge of the laws and your rights is the key to your freedom. I trust you will find my guide easy to read and will make the laws and your rights simple to understand. See the Invocation of Rights wallet sized card in the center fold here in the guide to help ensure your rights are protected.

Unfortunately, convictions for marijuana offenses still have serious consequences. For over 40 years as a criminal defense attorney I continue to successfully defend my clients in almost every type of criminal matter, including many thousands of marijuana cases. Please see the List of Recent Successes at the rear of the guide.

My guide includes the medical and non-medical marijuana laws. The California marijuana laws are similar to those throughout the U.S., however, there are significant differences in punishments in other states and the Federal Courts. California’s medical marijuana laws are unique and afford rights and protections to qualified patients, their caregivers, collectives, and patient cooperatives. See the "Federal Sentencing Guidelines," "Laws in all 50 States" and "Medical Marijuana" sections in my guide. more ...

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POSTED: 4:10 pm PDT July 17, 2007
UPDATED: 4:29 pm PDT July 17, 2007

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. -- Orange County on Tuesday became the 35nd county in the state to adopt a program to issue photo identification cards to people with a medical need for marijuana.On a 4-1 vote, the Orange County Board of Supervisors approved allowing health care authorities to set up such a program. The vote capped months of debate and a hearing that took up much of Tuesday morning. The dissenting vote was cast by First District Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who represents the central part of the count OC County Medical Marijuana ID cards are now available.

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Dr. Blake can: Discuss, fully and candidly, the risks and benefits of medical marijuana with patients. Recommend (or Approve, Endorse, Suggest, or Advise, etc.), in accordance with their medical judgment, marijuana for patient use. Record in his patients' charts discussions about and recommendations of medical marijuana. Sign a government form or otherwise inform state or local officials that he has recommended medical marijuana for particular patients. Testify in court or through written declaration about recommending medical marijuana for a certain patient. Educate himself about the medical benefits of marijuana, its various clinical applications, and different routes of ingestion. Dr. Blake cannot prescribe medical marijuana. This includes writing a recommendation on an Rx form. Dr. Blake cannot assist patients in obtaining marijuana. Dr. Blake cannot cultivate or possess marijuana for patient use. Dr. Blake cannot physically assist patients in using marijuana. Dr. Blake will not recommend marijuana without a justifiable medical cause. This website does not endorse or promote the sale of marijuana. This includes any link to a site that transports, imports into this state, sells, furnishes, administers, gives away, or offers to transport, import into this state, sell, furnish, administer, give away, or attempts to import into this state or transport any marijuana. It is a felony to sell, transport, or distribute any amount of marijuana in the State of California or Hawaii. Any attempt to purchase marijuana illegally maybe punished by imprisonment in the state or federal prison or a fine. Any person who uses Prop 215 as a 'smoke screen' with intent to sell marijuana is considered a felony, and anyone convicted of such crime will be harshly punished. Respect Prop 215! CONANT v WALTERS

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